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Encyclopedia of Baldwin Wallace University History: Other - #

An Index of Historical Content and Their Sources

1875 (Song)

Citation: "1875," in Baldwin University Alumni Songs, n.d.

Let every one present now join in this song,
Vive la compagnie;
With hearty good feeling the moments prolong,
Vive la compagnie.
Chorus: Vive la, vive la, vive !'amour,
Vive la, vive la, vive !'amour,
Vive !'amour, vive !'amour, vive a compagnie.

We hail from the pulpit, the bar and the bench,
Vive la compagnie;
We're German and English, but sing we in French,
Vive 'a compagnie. Chorus.

We're a band of P. S.'s, A. M.'s and A. B.'s
Vive la compagnie;
Though some of us hadn't quite got our degrees,
Vive la compagnie. Chorus.

Our dear Alma Mater is clear in her head,
Vive la compagnie,
She'll flourish when doctors and croakers are dead,
Vive la compagnie. Chorus.

Tho thunders may threaten and tempests may shock,
Vive la compagnie;
Securely she stands with her feet on the rock,
Vive la compagnie. Chorus.

What wonder we're hopeful with Aaron to lead,
Vive la compagnie;
He'll work out her problem of fuel and feed,
Vive la compagnie. Chorus.

Alumni and Colleges sing we again,
Vive la compagnie;
Long live Uncle Johnny! Amen and amen!
Vive la compagnie. Chorus.

1876 (Song #1)

Citation: "1876," in Baldwin University Alumni Songs, n.d.

Tune -America.
Again with joy we meet
Fraternally to greet,
As oft before;
Our hearts are warm and light -
The world is moving rightWe're
children home to-day_:_
Home! home, once more!

This grandest of the years-
Old Seventy six appears
With flag unfurled,
'Neath whose free folds we stand,
A brave ALUMNI band,
Loyal to school and land, -
Know all the world!

Let seasons come, and go,
Still when June roses blow
And skies are blue,
Our willing feet shall turn
Where college love-lights burn-We've
We've lessons still to learn-
Still to review!

Dear ALMA MATER, long
Live thou in heart and song!
Each Classic Hall,
Long may the gracious dove
Fold her white wings above:
Long live the friends we love-
Long live we all.

1876 (Song #2)

Citation: "1876," in Baldwin University Alumni Songs, n.d.

We have some .street cars in our town
The track is one mile long;
The cars keep running up and down,
The driver goes along,

And when you want to take a ride,
Put on your hat and go;
The driver he will stav outside,
Sit still till he says '"Whoa"

The people here are fond of jokes,
Though learned and profound;
In church the ushers seat the folks,
And pass the baskets round.

When students bear the chapel bell,
They always go to class;
And if they say their lessons well,
Their teachers let them pass.

A "holiday" once in a while,
A walk down to the rocks,
Is quite enough to make the m Emile
And brush their classic Jocks.

Commencement Day they graduate,
Proud of the fame and fuss;
Thence-after they'll be wise and great
As we--just look at us.

1877 (Song)

Citation: "1877," in Baldwin University Alumni Songs, n.d.

Tune-"Auld Lang Syne."
Shall College pleasures be forgot,
And brought to mind no more?
Shall years the old-time records blot,
Or dim the joys of yore? Chorus

Or dim the joys of yore tonight-
Or dim the joys of yore?
Shall years the old-time records blot,
Or dim the joys of yore?

We breathe the airs of summer climes
We catch the tone that swells,
The melody of chapel chimes,
The ring of dear old bells; Chorus.

The ring of dear old bells again,
The ring of dear old bells,
We catch again the chapel chimes
The ring of dear old bells.

About us throng in glad array
Old classmates-well we know
The steps whose echoes died away
In silence long ago. Chorus.

In silence long ago, .alas,
In silence ago,
Footsteps whose echoes died away,
In silence long ago.

We'll not forget our college days,
But meeting year by year,
We'll sing our songs and speak the
Of Alma Mater, dear. Chorus.

Of Alma Mater, ever dear,
Of Alma Mater, dear.
We'll_sing our songs and speak the
Of Alma Mater dear.

1902 Grand Rally Day Song

Citation: Hannah A. Foster, "1902 Grand Rally Day Song," in Baldwin University Alumni Songs, n.d.

Tune-We are Coming Father Abraham.
There is radiance in the sunshine, there's music in the air
There's fragrant breath of gladness about us everywhere;
There's a glow of matchless beauty, soft woven in the skies-
Over College Hall and Campus the sweet enchantment lies;
For the present, past and future, OUT, OUT our COLORS FLING,
We are coming, we are coming-let ALL THE PEOPLE SING.

Chorus: "We are coming with a PURPOSE -our Baldwin's here to STAY,
For we're coming to the rescue SURE this B. U. Rally Day."

Do we love our Alma Mater? lets answer when she pleads,
For the men of tireless courage, warm hearts and earnest deeds,
Let us do a little lifting -and do it with a will
Each drop that falls into the stream helps run the mighty mill.
Put our hands into our pockets and draw the dollars out;
We are coming, we are coming, let ALL THE PEOPLE SHOUT. Chorus.

'Tis a vine of God's own planting, here in this rocky bed
He bade its roots cling sturdily, its fruitful boughs outspread;
His promise to the husbandman, "twill well repay your toil-
But tend and nourish faithful y, nor let the foxes spoil ;"
Yes we're coming, friends, a'umni; we'll work and watch and pray
We are coming, we are coming-let ALL THE PEOPLE SAY.

O the prophecy of triumph that listening ones may hear!
It is in the hearty hand shake, the greeting and good cheer;
It is in these soulful faces, these men and women true.
Long live the University! We'll help to pull her through!
On the sunlit heights we crown her-up, up the colors bring!
We are coming with our pledges-let ALL THE PEOPLE SING. Chorus.

1905 (Song #1)

Citation: "1905," in Baldwin University Alumni Songs, n.d.

Tune- John Brown's Body.
In '46 our maiden fair we likened to a boat,
Her name was Baldwin Institute and gaily did she float;
When she was young, as most maids do who are so fair to see,
She changed her name; since then she's Baldwin University.

Chorus:-Then wave her royal banner, the one of Brown and Gold;
We'll nail it to the masthead for triumphs as of old;
Then sh,mt and cheer and sing; oh let the breakers foam,
Three cheers, three cheers for Baldwin safe in her harbor home.

O'er many rough and stormy seas right boldly has she sailed;
The fragile boat would oft have sunk, but all "stood pat" and bailed.
Many and many a towering wave has swept her decks with spray,
Yet here in Naughty-Five she floats and shall for many a day. Chorus.

Full seven thousand pa<:sengers and pilots not a few
Have wandered in and out among her cabins old and new.
Of pilots dead we've naught to say; of those who are alive,
To do and dare none can compare with him of Naughty-Five.

Her decks are being crowded so we build a cabin new;
A hundred long by sixty wide and solid through and through.
We'll call her Andrew Carnegie, let those who may survive
This college song, send up a shout for Baldwin 19'5. Chorus.

1905 (Song #2)

Citation: "Hail Baldwin," in Baldwin University Alumni Songs, n.d.

Tune-John  Brown's Body.
We greet again our college home, our
Alma Mater true;
Bring again our heart's allegiance;
Raise a cheer for old B. U.
May her pennant wave forever,
Borne aloft by breezes bold !
All hail the Prown and Gold !
Alma Mater, love we ever;
Ties that bind us none can sever;
Let her standard lower never;
All hail the Brown and Gold.

Old buildings, to the elders dear,
Have vanished from the sight;
But those who knew, see them
Still, illumed by mem'ry's light.
Earth's toilers hold their busy sway,
Where students walked, of old;
All hail the Brown and Gold!

The old has passed, the new comes on
We greet the new with cheer.
Inspired by hope of brighter days
In each succeeding year,
The students and the faculty
In warm regard we hold;
All hail the Brown and Gold !
Chorus: ·

Amid our smiles we breathe a sigh
For faces seen no more.
They wait our coming, over there
Upon the other shore.
Though we pass on, may Baldwin's life
In perfect flower unfold;
All hail the Brown and Gold.