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Lacrosse Club (Women's)

Citation: Terri M. Moore , ed., “B-W Welcomes Women's Lacrosse Club,” The Exponent, September 30, 2008, p. 6.

Get out your mouth guards and grab your netted sticks, because B-W has just started a Women's Lacrosse club. Sure, you might think that Athletics at B-W already offers a wide range of clubs and varsity athletics, but it's a breath of fresh air to see a new, and lesser known sport being supported by students wanting to continue their loves from High School. The B-W Women's Lacrosse club was formed by Lauren Reese, a B-W freshman with a love for her sport. Lauren came up with the idea when she realized that B-W did not have a varsity team for the sport she had loved in High School. By reaching out to women who also loved the sport, or just wanted to learn to play and held an interest, she was able to start the club with the help of advisor Steve Lazowski.

The club was newly chartered this fall and there are hopes for the interest to rise to the point that the club could one day become a varsity sport here at B-W.

The goal of the Lacrosse club is to foster the love of the game and to teach more young women to play the sport However, the overlying goal like all sports is to just plain have fun. Yet off course, winning League games would also be a nice addition. As of right now the team has over 30 women interested and is definitely looking for more to add to this fun and entertaining sport.

The club is currently associated with the Women's Collegiate Lacrosse League, a group that represents over 40 plus colleges from New York to Wisconsin and is the largest women's lacrosse League in the country. The B-W Club team will hopefully be playing games with other local collegiate teams such as Kent, John Carroll and Akron.

Lacrosse is a widely popular sport across the East coast and New England colleges, and has seen some popularity in the midwest region. In some areas, Lacross has seen more fan support than a schools' football teams and proves just as entertaining to watch.

B-W has seen a wide range of sports clubs over the years, from Archery to Paintball, Running, Gymnastics and Martial Arts. With the addition of each new club and on campus activity, hopefully the student population will continue to get involved on campus and find ways to interact with fellow classmates that they had not, known in the past.

By adding in additional sports club to the line up already available at B-W, the diversity and attraction, to B-W continues to grow. Good luck to all the women participating in the newly-formed Lacrosse club.

Letterwomen's Club

Citation: Donald J. Mohler, ed., Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1929), p. 142.

 With Miss Galleher as their instructor in Physical Education many of the girls have succeeded in winning their letters. This group has not as yet assumed very large proportions, but as soon as some more of our more athletic-minded co-eds succeed in establishing their supremacy in the field of sports, it will become a factor to be reckoned with.

Edna Barclay designed the athletic letter to be awarded to the girls and otherwise lent her assistance to the forwarding of this venture. It has met with well merited success. Incidentally Miss Barclay was the first girl on the Baldwin-Wallace campus to win the letter. She has made a remarkable record for herself in this line, as follows: Girls' Handball Champion (1,3); Paddle Tennis Tournament Winner (1,2,3); and Winner Archery Tournament (2). Beside this she found time to take an active part in basketball, track and baseball, as well as acting as a student assistant in athletics. Much is expected from the girls along this line in the future.

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